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  • Published on:  6/18/2018
  • Bill Burr - MGTOW

    Bill Burr Jimmy Falon

    Bill Burr - MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)

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    Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

    This video is brought to you by a donation from Scott and here's what he has to say: "Hey Sandman, I was wondering if you would do a review on Bill Burr? It’s shocking to me that so far he’s getting away with his comedy schtick without the gynocracy coming down on him like industrial acid rain. Especially considering that he's a straight white male. Why haven't the SJW’s been successful undermining him with false and/or trumped up allegations. I've attached a quick link to his appearance on Jimmy Fallon. What are your thoughts Sandman? On a side note: are you using Dragon or other speech to text software yet & how do you like it? Cheers." Well Scott thanks for the donation and topic. I'm not using any speech to text software anymore because I've been able to rehabilitate my hands and manage the calcification in my palm muscles with strength training. I still feel the muscles burning from time to time and that's usually my cue to stop doing what I'm doing and change hands or activities. But as for your main topic of Bill Burr, I'm not going to lie to you, that's a tough one. I don't know how I'm going to fill a full video. I might just have to switch topics about
    halfway through. While I have listened to Bill's comedy over the years and watched him on the Breaking Bad show I don't think he's as funny as he was before he got married. He's swirling with a black woman so that's his get out of whitey jail card right there. He's also a traditionalist and believes in relationships and his wife is Nia Renee Hill. Because he's a relationship guy the odds are pretty good that he respects women enough not to do inappropriate things to them. Or things that women might see as inappropriate even they are not. To answer your question Scott I don't think the SJW's can get him because number one he's virtue signalling by being with a black woman. So they can't claim that he's racist. Also as I've mentioned he's a relationship guy and I just don't get the feeling he's all about disrespecting women. He said in that video where he discusses MGTOW that he's open about who he is with a woman and if she's not open about who she is and she's with him and than suddenly after three months of putting on the act she changes back to the person she was before she met him than he's out of there. He comes across to me as a relationship realist. What I don't think he's really aware of is that some women, maybe even his wife right now is putting on an indefinite act. I was with a woman that pretended to be someone she wasn't for ten years. Most women drop the act the first chance they get. Some keep it going for years or decades. Maybe that's what Bill Burr's wife is doing because she is not a famous comedian like him so because of that she has lower sexual marketplace value. She probably understands that she can't do any better so she's probably on her best behavior. Also Bill has some opinions about MGTOW.

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