• Published on:  1/23/2015
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  • Amir Vahdat 2 years ago

    Who else noticed Anthony talk about the human anatomy when he was reading the physics book?

  • brawlhalla fanboy 4 days ago


  • Gabe Likes Noodles 5 days ago

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  • Cover reads "Physics", content is Biology. Wat?

  • Gato de taco 2 months ago

    What does wat mean?

  • Kelsey Mccourt 9 months ago


  • CAPTAIN SHROOM 2 years ago

    if I had a time machinen I will start summer all over

  • cat god 38 9 days ago


  • Tamir Zolboo 3 years ago

    The Ian from 12 seconds ago would still have been there🤓

  • Cancer TikTokFan 5 months ago

    Jonah Steinfeld did you get that from cw flash show?

  • aria Sequeira 7 months ago

    +Itz Em dg

  • Ren Jackson 2 years ago

    If I had a time machien I would go back in time to correct my spelling

  • Kenzie Alllington 21 days ago

    Ren Jackson machine spelt wrong

  • Nick McAfee Wait.. did.. did I find a comment that I can finally woooosh?!

  • Big Dean 2 years ago

    Is it only me Who finds olivia attractive..... Like if u agree

  • spider monster498 21 days ago

    I like azanes

  • Braden Schell 2 months ago

    Don’t post comments like that it’s akward to see what if Olivia sees that comment she posts on almost all of smoshs vids

  • Abby Smith 3 years ago

    I'm dying over Olivia and Anthony they're so cute!!!

  • Despacito Spider 17 days ago

    @Amos Simpson yeah

  • Amos Simpson 1 years ago

    Shut up!!!

  • Rei Rubia 2 years ago

    Girl: Ah, finally. This is the moment!Boy: Will you leave me?Girl: Nah!Boy: Do you love me?Girl: Yes, a lot!Boy: Have you ever cheated on me?Girl: No, why are you asking this?Boy: Will you kiss me?Girl: Everytime i get the chance!Boy:Will you ever hit me?Girl: Are you crazy?! Of course not!Boy: Can i trust you?Girl: Yes.Boy: Darling.Now read it all backwards!

  • Anna Packmohr 24 days ago

    I can't 😂

  • Zachzy Games 4 years ago

    I'd go back to when I first started writing this comment... I'd go back to when I first started writing this comment... I'd go back to when I first started writing this comment... I'd go back to when I first started writing this comment...

  • mr skell 1 years ago

    Zachzy Games L

  • Evan Gamezz 1 years ago

    Zachzy Games i

  • Carlos Forma 2 years ago

    Is this the first video with Olivia Sui?

  • a creative name 7 months ago

    think so. hey olivia!