What To Do When Your Employees Disrespect You

  • Published on:  4/15/2017
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    Hi there, everybody. Cameron Morrissey here. Today's question is, "What do you do when you get disrespected by your employees?" It's something that's going to come up over the course of your career and I'd like to highlight one major point. When you're disrespected by your employees, it is most often a reflection of the respect that they are feeling from you. It is a mirror of what they are getting from you. All right, so the question is, "How do you show them more respect?" Or, "How do you make sure that you are showing them respect?" A lot of times we feel like we are, but we aren't actually doing that. I want to tackle two main things to show respect to your team. The first thing is handling the why. Give them the reason for the decisions that you are making. Do you want to know who you explain yourself to? You explain yourself to people you respect. You explain yourself to your boss, so reflect that downward towards your employees as well. Make sure they understand why you're asking them to do whatever it is you're asking them to do. Get in touch with the why. The second thing you want to do is you want to make sure that you are listening to them. Making time to listen to the employee for even 30 seconds, 45 seconds, instead of rushing off to the next meeting that you have can have an enormous amount of impact. Again, I reflect this to your boss. Do you listen to your boss or do you tell your boss you're really late for a meeting, you need to rush off? No, you sit there and you listen, all right? Because you are showing them respect. If you want the respect of your employees, you need to show them respect as well and the two easiest ways to shore that up are in the communication outward to them, which is giving them the why, and then the communication inward, and that is giving them your time and listening to them. If you're feeling disrespected, shore up those two areas and that should help you. Thanks so much everybody, have a good one.