Top Ten Real Cubing Channels 2019

  • Published on:  4/1/2019
  • A small showcase for a new wave of YouTube cubers. These individuals are definitely real. In order of appearance:

    *First Initial Last Initial Cuber*: A young up-and-coming cuber with the perfect formula for YouTube success.

    *Hashbrown Cuber*: A fellow who may have discovered the ultimate recipe for making hash browns.

    *Cubiologist*: A biology-obsessed doctor whose experiments may have gone too far.

    *MentallyStableAdequateCuber*: A perfectly calm cuber who executes unboxings at a tranquil and unfrustrated pace.

    *Cyothebling*: This guy just cubes and minds his own business. He's not threatening at all.

    *SpeedCabReview*: Your one-stop location for the best cab reviews on the web.

    *H Perm*: An intelligent, well-spoken puzzle reviewer who tries his best with a phone camera.

    *JustQuitCubing*: You can do it! What an amazing average! Just kidding -- you’re bad.

    *Photon0Baboon: A keen cubing analyst who will teach you all the secrets to impressing your friends and setting records.

    *TheCubingProgrammer*: A programmer who happens to cube, or is it the other way around?


    Let us know if you’d like to see any of these personalities in future videos! Also, if we get to 2,000 likes quickly, we'll also use the A cappella intro in future videos.