2SEXY & 240Z = BROKEN (and where's all our other cars?)



  • Mighty Car Mods
    Mighty Car Mods  2 months ago+163

    For a limited time we've got free bent rod stickers for every order over $25. Get on it!

  • ryan stepp
    ryan stepp 6 days ago

    How about a Mazda build ?

  • Christian Pray
    Christian Pray 15 days ago

    Do a garage tour walkaround

  • TheDourisRace
    TheDourisRace 15 days ago

    Husaberg at the back for sale?

  • jason archie
    jason archie 16 days ago

    What engine is that in 2sexy???

  • pika pika
    pika pika 16 days ago

    White car rim and tire diameter ?

  • Ricers United
    Ricers United 21 days ago

    k24 would shit on that want to be motor

  • Craig Balfour
    Craig Balfour 22 days ago

    make it fair 240 vs 2sexy because obviously rb26 is going to be faster than 4g in a straight but if it comes down to which does the better in the corners alternatively you could just do a skid comp

  • Josh Clark
    Josh Clark 23 days ago

    you really need to have a light tint on them windows, makes filming life alot better

  • blopp170
    blopp170 a months ago

    240 vs 2sexy

  • Self Made DIY
    Self Made DIY 1 months ago

    I will love to see you guys working on a v6 Hyundai never see that you work on hyundai cars

  • Azn Esthirteen
    Azn Esthirteen 1 months ago

    These guys need to step up their vids and Content. It's starting to get boring sorry to say

  • Maninder Singh
    Maninder Singh 1 months ago

    is moog working on tay tay again?? to fight 2sexy??

  • Yannis Kominos
    Yannis Kominos 1 months ago

    I'd like to see "T005XY" in a project like a two door evo6. Front and rear bumpers, such as front fenders should fit like a glove. Ok, it still will be a 2WD Lancer, but you guys can transform a 2WD Mira to AWD, just for fun. Why don't you do this? As I have said before, Marty is a good Pokemon trainer, he can make his Lancer evolve to the best Evolution ever!

  • Prime Epilogue
    Prime Epilogue 1 months ago

    Nissan juke. Awd turbo. Even has a nismo version with a gtr motor which i think is awd too.

  • flyboynextdoor
    flyboynextdoor 1 months ago

    240 vs 2sexy!!

  • Francisco Quiñones
    Francisco Quiñones 1 months ago

    Dildo knob😂

  • Francisco Quiñones
    Francisco Quiñones 1 months ago

    I want a car with the steering wheel on the right side so bad

  • ben young
    ben young 1 months ago

    240 vs 2 sexy

  • Feelthevision 123
    Feelthevision 123 1 months ago

    please we need to see a volkswagen golf mk4 project