Five Boys Arrested Breaking Into A House With Police Inside Investigating

  • Published on:  12/7/2017
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  • GuudNiteThaMeszenger GldPyrmdGrp

    (Bottom row middle of the three) FRESH FISH!!!!!!

  • Marcus Barton-Sconiers

    33 years old - nigga decayed in the brain and just deviant to the core

  • Rugged209
    Rugged209 4 days ago

    Anyone house can get got I don't care what u have if u want it you'll get it regardless

  • Rugged209
    Rugged209 4 days ago

    Sounds pretty Black

  • Donna Moore
    Donna Moore 7 days ago

    Ctfu so sad

  • joe diaz
    joe diaz 17 days ago

    Shit I thought there were 3 guys and 2 girls.dude with the long hair an the one next to him,look suspect!!! Down Low.

  • Jake Boone
    Jake Boone 22 days ago

    Sounds about White
    Oh wait..

  • Garvin Benjamin -G LION

    five dumb ass so real

  • GonnaGalvanizeU
    GonnaGalvanizeU 27 days ago

    1:18 young? Not with those hairlines.

  • Taylor Made2
    Taylor Made2 1 months ago

    Wtf? Goddamn they some dumb ass mothafuckas LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phillip Boudreaux
    Phillip Boudreaux 1 months ago

    This is their America. Should we play wat race it is. Not like everybody dont know wat race it is 😂

  • ballsoutballistic
    ballsoutballistic 1 months ago

    They look like they were probably abused and neglected as children. So sad.

  • shae moore
    shae moore 1 months ago

    One of the niggas is a girl😂😂😂JAMEEKA lol

  • DaYungBlackBrothaRiteHear

    Look at the mugshots .. these negros some fukkkin bums

  • Louis rodriguez
    Louis rodriguez 1 months ago

    How stupid can you be

  • Mousey Publishings
    Mousey Publishings 1 months ago

    Does anyone else notice a pattern in the suspects?

  • xraysjb
    xraysjb 1 months ago

    idiots. Add 5 extra years in jail for this dumb shit.

  • Mike ferrari Ferrari
    Mike ferrari Ferrari 1 months ago

    shit like this just justifies white people's feeling about black people being retarded I'm sorry lol.

  • Dennis B
    Dennis B 1 months ago

    How many people saw this picture and thought three men and two women.

  • Brykeim McGibboney
    Brykeim McGibboney 1 months ago