Master Baker Billi making Sourdough Bread Pizza at Breadstall Street Bakery, Northcote Road, London.

  • Published on:  10/19/2016
  • ✓ This is something that we've never, ever seen before; a fully functioning, operational bakery but.........on the street. What an utter delight to "discover" such a secret "Street Food" place!!!

    We have to say that the food at this place is absolutely delicious, everything is made daily and it's genuinely fresh tasting (indicative that these guys are using good quality seasonal ingredients).

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    Even better is the fact that they don't have a microwave - they give that slice of pizza you're getting; a quick blast in their pizza oven - this makes all the difference between a soggy crust or a nice crispy one.

    Additionally if you're struggling to get your recommended "5 a day" allowance then a visit to this street food stall should help you easily achieve your intake target...........if not exceed it !!!

    We are now firm fans of their salad boxes!!! As an example, on the day we visited the salads that you can see from 12:09 were as follows:
    * Roasted Butternut Squash with Red Chillies.
    * Tomato with Mint & Basil leaf.
    * Roasted Carrots with Asparagus.
    * Lentils with Quinoa.
    * Shredded / Grated Carrot & Beetroot.
    * Cucumber with Quinoa.
    * French Beans.
    * Mixed baby leaf salads such as Spinach & Round Leaf Salad.
    * Roasted Courgette & Chilli.
    * Couscous with Roasted Beetroot.
    * Radicchio lettuce with Caramelised Red Onion & Fresh Figs.
    * Dauphinoise Potatoes (thinly sliced potato with Double Cream, Nutmeg, White Onion & lots of herbs).

    The Pizzas on the days we visited were:
    * Ham, Mushroom & freshly chopped Parsley,
    * Chorizo, Artichoke, Red Onion & Chilli.
    * Pepperoni.
    * Margarita (Vegetarian).

    There is a lot more baked treats made here which we didn't get to try this time around...........but this gives us even more of a reason to pay a return visit ASAP........wink, wink ;-)

    Many, many thanks to the owner Sebastian, Master Baker Billi, Josh & all of the Bread stall team who welcomed us and graciously allowed us a privileged glimpse into their bakery & kitchen to do the videoing.

    Here's a link to their Twitter page: @breadstall

    & here's a link to their website which gives a bit more info about how they started with very humble beginnings:

    They are located outside 56, 58 and 60 Northcote Road, SW11 1PA.