The Predator - Movie Review

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews The Predator, starring Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Augusto Aguilera, Jake Busey, Yvonne Strahovski. Directed by Shane Black.


  • Andrés Mm
    Andrés Mm yesterday

    Yeap, it was horrible. I didnt even pay for the ticket, and want my money back.

  • Knightwing
    Knightwing yesterday

    I love how the ship was like at least 5 miles away and somehow people on foot were still able to keep up

  • pterotactical
    pterotactical yesterday

    I went back and saw Predators. Not bad at all! Hadn't realized it has a bunch of pretty accomplished actors - Adrian Brody, that guy from the up-and-coming True Detective 3, that other funny guy from The Hateful 8. On second thoughts, that movie is a 7/10. This one - The Predator is a solid 2/10.

  • Addie Tully
    Addie Tully yesterday

    My iPhone has better security then the predators tech?

  • Søren Jensen
    Søren Jensen 2 days ago

    Im so glad that i used my money to see Venom in stead off Pedator, This movie is so bad! no suspense, too fast forward, no real story line that made sence and the acting is, yes do i dare to say it, worse than AVP2 and that really says something :(

  • theclayishone
    theclayishone 2 days ago

    Finally saw this movie and wow, it was bad. There isn't really one redeeming quality.

  • Jae
    Jae 2 days ago

    this movie was so trash

  • bmxninjaGaming
    bmxninjaGaming 2 days ago+1

    Lets just pretend this movie never happened.

  • Rabbit
    Rabbit 2 days ago

    I liked all of the previous Predator movies, even the Alien vs Predator ones, but this one... this one I did not like.
    I didn't find the scene with Olivia Munn in the decontamination chamber suspenseful, I knew she wasn't going to be killed, The Classic Predator had no interest in a naked woman cowering in a corner, it killed the other scientists because they were actively getting in it's way.
    I enjoyed the classic predator, seeing the super predator was cool for a bit until his CGI appearance kept pulling me out of my suspension of disbelief. I enjoyed seeing Thomas Jane.
    I think that is about all I enjoyed about it.

  • michael mellan
    michael mellan 2 days ago

    It wasnt that bad, if it had been released in the 80s or 90s it would of been amazing!

  • Cult1234
    Cult1234 2 days ago

    Worst movie of the year!

  • Za N
    Za N 3 days ago

    Ok. I finally watched this and I was just blown away by how RIDICULOUS this film was. I can't believe it exists.

  • Marcus Roele
    Marcus Roele 3 days ago

    I agree 100% with you about how characters these days don't show fear like they should. This is happening and has happened in a lot of movies for several years now. There are a shitload of terrible directors now. Or maybe they are trying to dumb us all down until all those alive who saw good movies in their youth die out and they can just keep heaping piles of shit on the new generation and not have to try hard to make good entertainment. Or maybe they figure with 7 billion people in the world they just have to throw something together and it will make money from volume alone if they just stick a recognizable name on it. Like the new Star Wars movies. I mean I could have made a better Star Wars movie. People might have hated it but if I had The Last Jedi to show them beside mine they would say well...your movie is a lot better than that pile of shit at least.

  • Marcus Roele
    Marcus Roele 3 days ago

    During the "meet the team" session on the prison bus I am already rooting for the Predator to grab the boy and use him to beat the "heroes" to death with him.

  • Nightfly
    Nightfly 3 days ago

    "Shit happens" movie is a waste of time, nothing beats the first movie

  • Awakened citizen
    Awakened citizen 3 days ago

    Nope disagree. Best of the series...

  • Vert Rex
    Vert Rex 3 days ago

    Could you make a video review on the mask

  • Jedistarship
    Jedistarship 3 days ago

    Aliens, Star Wars now Predator Franchises are in danger of completely dying. This movie was beyond stupid on so many levels. I could list all the stupid things but I can't do that to myself.

  • Najee Jackson
    Najee Jackson 4 days ago

    Wait I seen a different one, Wtf is this I seen soldiers being hunted by a whole bunch of Predators and a Samurai took one down, which blew my mind

  • Steven Stokes
    Steven Stokes 4 days ago

    watched Predator 100's of times, dont care if I never see this again...…