This Is What Happened to a Turtle 19 Years Later Because of a Piece of Plastic!

  • Published on:  9/4/2018
  • Unfortunately, the ecology of the modern world leaves much to be desired. Tons of rubbish float in the ocean, the atmosphere and soil are polluted and global warming is our worst enemy. However, most people are too busy with their daily problems and don't think it is their responsibility to take care of the environment. Some will probably be angry to hear this statement. According to those people, they shouldn't do anything for anyone. However, everything will change when you face the monstrous consequences of the irresponsible way we treat our planet. Today we'll talk about an unusual animal that suffered because of people and became an example of what humans should NOT do.


    BRAIN TIME  11 months ago+289

    Enjoy the video, dear friends!

  • Dee Six
    Dee Six 11 months ago+1851

    Well hold a f*cking second right there!
    I do agree that garbage are extremely danger to sea ecosystem BUT DO NOT use false footage and false information!
    That turtle IS NOT a sea turtle by any means! That type of turtle live in rivers and swamps etc. In fact it is a snapping turtle, you can Google them they are a very fascinating species.
    Again, please do some REAL RESEARCH!

  • LordMDFK
    LordMDFK 11 months ago+317

    Want a real tip? When you go to the beach, when you're leaving. Just grab the plastics craps and everything you find on the floor and put it trash. Even if it's not yours. I've been doing it for the past years, but never saw somebody doing it himself, without asking him to. This is a simple thing, just grab one cup, or one plastic stuff on the floor, and put it trash. If everybody does it when they go back home, we'll save the world, I have no doubt.

    But seriously.. just do it.

  • Marika Rae
    Marika Rae 11 months ago+74

    The 1.8 people who disliked this are heartless 😣

  • Maddox Hoy
    Maddox Hoy 11 months ago+20

    ThAt's nOT a SEa TuRtlE. Y'all are missing the point

  • Captain Amemeica24
    Captain Amemeica24 10 months ago+15

    Are me eyes going crazy or am I seeing a bunch of comments about the wrong turtle name? Some people just hate on every video they see man

  • Abel Rasheed
    Abel Rasheed 11 months ago+540

    Thats not a sea turtle..
    It's a snapping turtle, which lives in fresh water bodies

  • No Music only vocals
    No Music only vocals 11 months ago+69

    I am proud that in my locality Maharashtra India plastic is ban & I support it.

  • Johnny Schneider
    Johnny Schneider 11 months ago+87

    People could learn from Miami, Florida. They haul their trash to a plant and burn it for an energy source.

  • Sammy Vargas
    Sammy Vargas 2 days ago+1

    Save the Turtles 👌🏾

  • TheReal CloroxBleach
    TheReal CloroxBleach 28 days ago+2

    That turtle went from Fatty

  • Ingrid Lapa Tresvalles
    Ingrid Lapa Tresvalles 11 months ago+367

    sea turtle or not - the message is clear! To not throw garbage everywhere😕

  • Rqid
    Rqid 4 months ago+7

    People do say that you should put your rubbish in the bin, but if you’re talking about ‘general waste’ then, read up! The rubbish will be sent to a dumping point. Then eventually the rubbish will evaporate then rise into outer space and it’ll be a reason of global warming THEN will cause the whole raise of living things to die out.
    Now I ain’t no expert but I sure am a nine year old that worries about pollution and global warming. Also please remember this frase: “it’s only one piece of plastic, it won’t hurt! (Says 7.5 billion people MULTIPULY!)

  • gaming with sounak
    gaming with sounak 1 months ago+1

    You also use plastic bags everyday. 😡
    But you never say you also use plastic .???????

  • Galaxy_ YT
    Galaxy_ YT 1 months ago+1

    We just studied about Decomposing a while ago in Sci and this is Sad..

  • ZACHU :3
    ZACHU :3 1 months ago+2

    My family keeps our plastic bags we don’t throw away

  • Fahad Ayon
    Fahad Ayon 11 months ago+1

    Instead of lighters use matches!!

  • Artistic Trash
    Artistic Trash 1 months ago+1

    i was warning people about global warming for years. they didnt think it would happen but now their scared of it

  • Drake
    Drake 2 months ago+2

    A much more affective and sensible strategy would be to convince the big corporations to switch to the better materials.

  • careless gaming
    careless gaming 6 months ago+1

    Bro copy right mysterious dunia channel of india he copied your video line to line