EXCLUSIVE: 2021 Z06 UPDATE and Are we getting TWO AWD C8 Corvettes??

  • Published on:  6/3/2020
  • The C8 corvette lineup is about to expand to new heights after the 2022 Z06 comes out next year! We also might be getting TWO yes TWO AWD C8 Corvette’s of which both should be hybrids.

    Well the first will be the 2023 Grand Sport that will be based off the current Stingray and use the LT2 6.2L V8 paired to a hybrid system and pumping out 600HP and 500 lb-ft of torque. Now the second hybrid will be the insane ZORA coming for the 2025 model year. Unlike the Stingray based GrandSport, the ZORA will be based on the ZR1 which adds two turbos to the new 5.5L LT7 V8. In the ZR1 it makes “only” 850HP and 825 lb-ft of torque but will produce 1,000HP and 975 lb-ft of torque in the flagship ZORA thanks to a hybrid system and AWD assistance!

    Credit: Images/Videos by GM Authority/ Car & Driver/ Chevrolet-GM/ @Rob Dahm
    Text/Narration/News by: Allcarnews

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