How to Have Diet for Good Health

  • Published on:  5/11/2017
  • How to Have diet for good health
    No matter who you are, it's in your best interest to maintain a healthy
    diet and healthy weight. In today's society, it can be harder than it
    sounds. Use the following tips to start on a healthier path today.
    1 What to Do
    1 Estimate your daily needed caloric intake. Depending on your age, weight, and activity
    level, you may need fewer or more calories for basic sustenance. Knowing how many
    calories you need can get you started on knowing how many calories to restrict.
    Many resources can be found online or you can do the math yourself. As always, the
    best advice comes straight from a professional--your doctor can tell you just how
    many calories you need to eat for your weight goals.
    If you limit yourself to 1,700 calories a day, don't forget to account for exercise.
    Though it may not burn as many calories as it seems it does, it does give you wiggle
    room for eating more. Note that this caloric restriction is only to get you on
    track--soon enough you won't be counting: good eating habits will be automatic.

    Keep a food journal. Writing down everything you eat every day will bring to light your
    food habits and what food groups you may be missing out on. Don't forget to include
    drinks!Part of what makes a food journal so useful is that it keeps you accountable
    and motivated. You'll be forced to take a look at what you're consuming which may be
    just the catalyst for change you needed. If your opinion of yourself isn't enough,
    have a friend be your guide. They'll go over your journal a few times a week to make
    sure you're on track. Knowing they'll be there to watch over you may keep you from
    straying off course.
    Reduce your portion sizes. If you enjoy sitting down to a big plate full of food,
    fill the gaps with a tasty salad or steamed vegetables instead, providing it does
    not affect your calorie control plan. It's particularly hard to portion control at
    restaurants. While you certainly can order that basket of cheese fries and plate
    of fettuccine alfredo, eat only a serving size. For fruits, think of a tennis ball.
    For vegetables, a baseball. And carbs? A hockey puck.[1] WebMD offers a pretty
    great portion-sizing tool for a number of foods, including mixed dishes.[2] Whatever
    you order, box up the rest and take it home with you. It's softer on your budget, too!
    As you keep this journal, note days where you made good trade-offs (a low-fat yogurt
    instead of those cookies) or particularly good decisions. What works for you?
    What doesn't? What patterns do you see emerging?
    Slow down. You have 20 minutes of chowing down before your brain realizes you're full.
    If you eat slowly, your calorie consumption is less when you stop. Eating leisurely
    literally keeps you from wanting more. Slowing down not only
    Keep motivated and practice positive thinking. A good diet isn't about concrete goals
    in this instance. This should be a lifelong change that becomes old habit after a
    few weeks. You don't want to spend your life counting calories and dreading the
    next weigh-in. Don't be daunted by this undertaking. Staying positive will last
    longer than any other motivator.
    2 What to Consume
    1 Lose the junk. In general, processed food is higher in calories and higher in fat.
    Really, it's higher in just about everything. And it mops the floor when it comes
    to nitrates and toxins. So, in addition to it being bad for your waistline, it's
    additives, and consequently there are some 1,000 ingredients the FDA
    has no knowledge of whatsoever, according to an estimate done by the
    Pew Research Center.[5] And, sadly enough, eating just a ham sandwich
    every day significantly raises the likelihood of obtaining heart disease
    because of the nitrates and other chemical preservatives in the meat.
    If you're not convinced yet, nothing will do it.
    Drink water, H2O, and whatever else you want to call it. Sodas, juices and all kinds
    of energy drinks often contain far more calories than you would need on low key exercise
    and thus can add to weight gain. Water, low sugar fruit drinks and teas are best.

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