Wild Animals That Escaped From The Zoo!

  • Published on:  3/26/2020
  • Animals have been trying to escape the zoo almost since humans have tried to capture them. Dangerous lions, rhinos and tigers, to creative, intelligent and calculated monkeys and apes. You won't believe how these creatures got out!

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    Welcome back, Richest fans! We’re delighted to see you again! Every so often, the media descends into chaos as an animal escapes from the zoo. Sometimes, those escapees could be very dangerous. Today, we’re going to look at certain times when animals have broken out of the enclosures and received a taste of freedom. We’re going to tell you how they managed it, what they got up to once they escaped, and how or if they were returned to their zoos.

    If you don’t want spoilers, it’s best you watch the video now. As we’re going to tell you what creatures you can expect to find in this digital content. Firstly, we have the story of a bengal tiger that broke into Nandankanan Zoo in India. He then broke out shortly after! We also have Inky the octopus who was a little contortion artist as he escaped his aquarium in New Zealand. There’s the story of a wolf roaming the countryside in Berkshire, England! We also have two gorillas, Evelyn and Jim, that regularly caused havoc in Los Angeles. Another primate, Ken Allen the orangutan, did something similar in San Diego. He even became a celebrity in the process. Another celebrity runaway is Goldie the eagle. He gained notoriety in the 1960s during his escapades in London. We also have the Egyptian cobra that slithered away in the Bronx. There’s the story about Nala the lion gallivanting in Florida. A few rhinoceroses at the Ramat Gan Safari in Israel went viral with their video footage. We also have more than a hundred Rhesus monkeys that escaped Frank Buck’s exhibit in the 1930s! It’s quite the ride!

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