Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit



  • Bon Appétit 2 months ago

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  • Hugh Jaynus 1 months ago

    How do I get a job with the BA test kitchen?

  • Chunky Asian man 1 months ago

    Bon Appétit hungry!!!!!

  • a gj 2 months ago

    someone: *disagrees with molly*molly: die i guess

  • foxfire9 5 days ago

    Young woman who isn't actually mean but fails to second-guess and act mildly apologetic about everything = horrible person who it is everyone's right to trashY'all should be smacked.

  • n m 11 days ago

    @high horse your user name is fitting

  • Marvel Maniac1209 2 months ago

    No one: Everyone at BA: The dough can sense your fear

  • Courtney Burian 2 days ago

    Marvel Maniac1209 i have watched each episode back to back and I had a drink for every ti- *falls out of chair*

  • Maddison Crumley 1 months ago

    Marvel Maniac1209 like dogs and bees 🐝

  • Kahliimah 2 months ago

    You can tell that Chris is a very technical, professional chef that is a perfectionist, but he still comes off as a very friendly, easy person to get along with and doesn't act pretentious. I think that's a really cool quality to have

  • Jesse Uriostegui 25 days ago

    Sweetnote simply said she has a different personality. Didn’t say people don’t enjoy view her or that she has caused any emotional and or psychical harm to someone. 🙄

  • Jesse Uriostegui 25 days ago

    K. K watching just her alone is pretty cool at times but ig Molly isn’t a team player :(

  • Haley 2 months ago

    Chris Morocco is lowkey my favorite person. You can tell he is such a food nerd and knows his stuff!

  • Steve Thea 4 days ago

    @KenseiPrime Haha yea nobody ever thinks like that. If anything I imagine most people appreciate those little weird exchanges as just something kinda funny to break up the monotony of the same old interactions, and then completely forget about it.The other day I was checking out at Target, had maybe four bags of items and the girl behind the counter, I noticed her name tag said Lyric and I just thought that was kind of a cool name, and just blurred out “That’s a pretty name, Lyric.” And she was like ...

  • bford98541 1 months ago

    @Lil Emoyes

  • Haibar Zair 2 months ago

    I can't imagine the amount of dough Claire had to make for this project 🙈🙈

  • Gerardo Hernandez 2 months ago

    I just love how passive-agressive everyone is. I kept waiting for someone to explode over mortadela.

  • ChocoGamin3 1 months ago

    @Cella Ree Most people can't tell when Molly is joking. She has a very rbf personality naturally and is also honestly kind of dumb blond-ish. You can see her laughing in between each shot, and everybody who is close to her knows she means well. You simply aren't close enough with her to be assuming her moods and emotionality. But tbh can't judge you for that either.

  • Marc-André Demers 1 months ago

    ​@Fateema Akter yeah that's probably it XDAfter seeing the 50 minute video last week I was wondering if Andy was jealous of Brad or something because of how much Chris seemed to like him lol

  • kitkat 1 months ago

    All I'm gonna say is if supertaster Chris says pineapple goes on pizza then pineapple goes on pizza. He is THE flavor authority in the BA test kitchen lol

  • moi meself 2 days ago

    No. Just no.

  • Madison Dines 5 days ago

    Honestly sweet in general on Pizza bothers me. It counteracts my own loving relationship with cheese, whereupon I attempt to double down on the primary flavor spectrum, usually by adding something salty, a bunch of umami, a lot of acid, and often, a very pungent green. Occasionally I'll go for mushrooms to kind of take the edge off, ever so slightly if it's a thickly topped pie (some places it's their thing). But apples? Walnuts? Pears? That's not my thing either. I might change my mind for a candied l...

  • Wedge Oli 2 months ago

    So the question left for me in this episode is WHO WROTE “NO MUSHROOMS”1. Molly was nodding about the idea of mushrooms 2. Clare was also enthusiastic3. Can’t be Chris or Andy4. They recognized brads writingTherefore.....CARLA!

  • jason le 23 days ago

    Wedge Oli I agree with whoever wrote that.

  • Jesse Uriostegui 25 days ago

    “No Mushroom “ if I’m correct 🤔 the mushroom pizza won

  • andi muriel 2 months ago

    I can’t believe it took this many calzones for them to switch from metal to wood peel

  • Cory Sanchez 1 months ago

    Or to pay attetion in any pizzeria ever that they went they all use wood peel to put it in the oven and metal to remove it ( i was a pizza guy for over 10 years and worked and/or managed over a dozen differny resturaunts

  • Hypatia 1 months ago

    They just needed some Chris xD