Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit



  • TheOneSevenNine (6 days ago)

    the BA test kitchen is so popular because it lets us engage in a fantasy of ever being in a positive work environment

  • billybareblu (5 days ago)

    +Måns Olof Larsson Which I actually prefer, so long as he's not allowing one or two to suck up.

  • Boom12 (5 days ago)

    I feel you. Man it hurts me in like my...4 years of experience in kitchens. Depressing.

  • Justin Magsino (6 days ago)

    Can we give a moment to thank the editors as well? Their work has been so good these episodes.

  • Steve Thea (8 hours ago)

    +Mike very strange..

  • Mike (8 hours ago)

    Steve Thea i think it’s a new york thing

  • Noctureon (5 days ago)

    Andy: I'll do what I tend to do.Chris: Go rogue.Andy: /goes rogue/Chris: /surprised pikachu/

  • Alyssia (4 hours ago)

    someone w the surprised pikachu profile picture showed up as the comment beneath yours. wack

  • Steve Thea (1 day ago)

    There's no perfect anything people have personal preferences

  • ur boy aaron (6 days ago)

    post credits scene in the next episode of chris making a pineapple ham pizza

  • Steve Thea (1 day ago)

    Why call it pizza pie

  • SGprod (5 days ago)

    This avengers of pizza series is so good. You should make the ultimate burger next!

  • Steve Thea (1 day ago)

    And why they call it pie and not pizza

  • Steve Thea (1 day ago)

    What's soppressata

  • thelipstickgal (6 days ago)

    Please tell me there will be more series like this. The possibility are endless, and seeing the interpersonal interactions are my favorite part. I learn a lot about cooking, but it’s the people for sure.

  • Kritacul (5 days ago)

    The Perfect Burger. Make It Happen.

  • Ny the Cook (5 days ago)

    LOL agreed.

  • Jam Adeva (5 days ago)

    Nobody:Andy: "dirty chantrelle. that's my stripper name"

  • Steve Thea (1 day ago)


  • Oph Anim (5 days ago)

    Random daddy: "Mortadella doesn't crisp"Mortadella: *crisps*Molly: "Did you hear that?"Random daddy: *out of frame in less than 15 seconds*

  • Jaimee-Louise Warner (17 hours ago)


  • Oph Anim (1 day ago)

    +Particular Lee That's exactly what I did.

  • Gerardo Hernandez (5 days ago)

    I just love how passive-agressive everyone is. I kept waiting for someone to explode over mortadela.

  • Steve Thea (1 day ago)

    What's so good

  • Giant Punda (5 days ago)

    Molly clapping back at the big boss. Oof. She's got some guts. Glad they have a pretty easy going relationship.

  • Danielle Sears (2 days ago)

    F0XD1E after being a part of the other thread that has a low opinion of molly after the interaction, I realize I have a hard time feeling any type of negative way about what these people do on the show. They seem to have a relationship that’s similar to family. And if someone judged me on how I act around my family then I’d be out of luck haha.With my brother specifically, we have a relationship where he’s hyper critical and his disapproval hits a nerve (but not in a serious way). I sense that vibe ...

  • Chloe Tse (3 days ago)

    +F0XD1E i know, right!? That was even before he tried the pizza. He even tried to spin the narrative about how they put it on the pizza after baking (of course that wouldn't be crispy, duh), then talk about an entirely different pizza over on another counter top and try to complain something about the parm to try to prove himself right again. If I had a boss who poo poo's my work and pretending to know what I did, before even trying it, I would have Molly's attitude too.