2019 Chinese Grand Prix: Race Highlights



  • NøPE 13 3 months ago

    Lewis won Again Ferrari messed up AgainWilliams finished in the back again *NOTHING CHANGED HERE*

  • Tyler Bell 1 months ago

    i think lewis has been paying off the officials lately

  • Evan Nadeau 3 months ago

    Team orders and hulkenburg entering the pits were highlights that’s how lousy the race was

  • NorT 3 months ago

    I remember people saying last year Kimi should retire....Hes to old...etc...Here is for the 3rd race in a row in the points...the only people who have managed that so far is the mercedes,Ferraris and Verstappen...I think that is EXTREMELY impressive.Well done Iceman.

  • Firemarioflower 12 days ago

    @Naga Ganesh Vettel was legendary in Canada, get a life shitstain.

  • Naga Ganesh 12 days ago

    @Firemarioflower like Seb in Canada

  • SidDarthVader30 3 months ago

    Can we get a moment of silence for leclerc when he was asked to give way to vettel...

  • Firemarioflower 21 days ago

    @Mark Vorster THAT"S RIGHT! Both Ferrari drivers are nice. Vettel is rich too but very modest and humble. On track he pushes like an animals and can be very agressive, like F1 drivers should be.

  • Mark Vorster 1 months ago

    @Mattia Abbondi do you dislike him just because he is rich? You should watch his interviews, he is a nice guy.

  • Jason Moyle 3 months ago

    I think Ricciardo made a poor decision moving to Renault.

  • sjsharp2007 14 days ago

    @Royal BleachYeah he may have been looking at the long term rather than short. After all Renault have won championships before as well just as his former team have only time will tell whether his choice to move to Renault was a good one.

  • Dominic Shin 29 days ago

    @Spirus_Virus Yeah he must be very desperate to be a champion. Other guys like Seb and Hamilton became a champion when they were younger than Daniel's current age. I saw the Netflix dacumentary and I know he was very cautious with that moving. So... we can see what's gonna happen.

  • ZedBC 3 months ago

    *Mercedes does teamorders*Ferrari Fans: *raging on social media**Ferrari does teamorders*Ferrari Fans: *silent*Wait w-

  • Firemarioflower 21 days ago

    @Maanda Manyatshe Look at Bahrain 2017....... is that early enough for you?

  • Lamster66 1 months ago

    @Mark VorsterNo it's a fact!Ferrari are the masters of team orders always have been!

  • Uzair Dean 3 months ago

    For the amount of hype for this GPit was pretty trash...

  • ersf games 22 days ago

    Not evert race is lit not every race has a lot of action are you dumb does every soccer match have action no so shut up plz

  • chrisds302 1 months ago

    Uzair Dean Indy car is much better racing, a lot more competitive, F1 always seems to be predictable and boring ...ie shumacher

  • LEgiON0022 3 months ago

    Crofty can make watching grass grow sound exciting.


  • are there live transmitions online for the sky sports (he is sky sports right)? I am so done with the brazilian narrators...

  • Marty24 3 months ago

    Verstappen still 3rd in the drivers championship with a much worse car than Ferrari really shows how much of a talent he is

  • Remy 3 months ago

    @NO_EYES_ON_ME Okay you are 100% a troll. Or maybe just a little kid. Either way you are a dumb ass

  • john smith 3 months ago

    @ELLINARAS 456 no shit... but thats my point: this season RB has sure been behind merc and sometimes ferrari but by no less than ONE SECOND, hell it's like .030 seconds. so where those extra 10kph? how come RB car is MUCH WORSE? you see my point? people just like ttrash it

  • Shane Crowley 3 months ago

    Going to watch this every night to put me to bed

  • Nicolas Lopes 2 months ago

    Underrated comment 😂😂😂

  • ExSapper MadMan 3 months ago

    Bottas;"I am leader of the point's table", Hamilton: "Hold my Champagne"............

  • ExSapper MadMan 2 months ago

    @Mattia Abbondi If you have to ask........

  • Mattia Abbondi 2 months ago