• Alysia Urias
    Alysia Urias 11 months ago+330

    Wow, this is my new favorite video lol! :D

  • SenseiJay Videos
    SenseiJay Videos 11 months ago+331

    Imagine you’re a fish and managed to survive a hurricane and ending up In a parking lot and still ended up getting caught.

  • GeorgiaFishingTeam
    GeorgiaFishingTeam 11 months ago+95

    The "unknown" species in the net is called a mud minnow. They can live in both fresh and salt water!

  • Scyclone Gaming
    Scyclone Gaming 6 months ago+24

    Tim you won’t grab that crab. Really he caught a shark on a unicorn float

  • XxxDarknesss
    XxxDarknesss 7 months ago+34

    I was dead when he threw that crab 😂😂😂

  • jilian
    jilian 3 months ago+1

    This was the first video I wacthed from your channel, it was recommended watched the whole thing👏💯 great content I subscribe!!

  • HumbraBGT
    HumbraBGT 11 months ago+116

    Isn't Timmy The Guy You Found On A Float In The Middle Of The Ocean Fishing?

  • yourbadkid 69
    yourbadkid 69 8 months ago+20

    3:30 i died it wus so funny

  • jacob Webster
    jacob Webster 4 months ago+9

    You could tell tony was a badass from the beginning, I mean who holds a cigarette like that

  • Zack Payne Compilations
    Zack Payne Compilations 8 months ago+5

    Zac- Dude you’re freaking amazing!!! 😲 Toby- ...

  • wayneco
    wayneco 2 days ago+1

    This channel is truly addictive. Makes me want to hop the next flight to Florida and hang with this guy while he does his thing.

  • Woody Jarvo
    Woody Jarvo 11 months ago +107

    6:55 who saw the cat eyeing up the fish 😂

  • Celine Nader
    Celine Nader 3 months ago+6

    put timmy in the videos more he is HILARIOUS

  • andrew urbanski
    andrew urbanski 1 months ago+1

    Did you dub in a scream when Tim threw that crab? I was like wtf wait

  • TrollMaster300
    TrollMaster300 10 months ago+3


  • Del Brewer
    Del Brewer 3 months ago+1

    Hope ya didnt forget to give Tony the 20 bucks you said you'd give him if he netted the sheepshead. Lol.

  • Sean Saxon
    Sean Saxon 5 months ago+1

    Pokes a crab-it moves away-he says "Oh man! He tried to get me!" I love this guy!! Awesome channel

  • XxGacha LizxX
    XxGacha LizxX 1 months ago+1

    Idk why but like at one point I just remebered that more bad ideas is in Miami too :3

  • de amor
    de amor 2 months ago+1

    @senseiJay. Thats how i feel most of the time. LoL

  • Carson's Outside Adventures

    Just found this channel. I subbed. Looking forward to checking out your content.