Steve Jones: Sex Pistols to Sex Addiction (THE THERAPIST Full Episode)



  • VICE 1 months ago

    As a UK exclusive and to celebrate VICE shows coming to All 4, we’re sharing a bunch of full episodes from the series which have been airing on our TV channel over the past couple of years. Enjoy this episode from ‘The Therapist', then catch up on the full series through the VICE collection on All 4:

  • Mark Jackson 1 months ago

    Fucks sake Steve.. you got big bollocks doing this. Massive respect man.

  • Bensartbin 1 months ago

    Dr Siri looks like someone who would sell me a health potion in Zelda

  • whiteydoe_ J 1 months ago

    This takes massive balls. God bless you Steve and I hope you manage to overcome your demons because we all still love you. Massive respect from Sheffield, England x

  • eric asu 1 months ago

    Sex pistols so that a “Jojo reference” but this is pretty insightful on abuse and future relationships.Well done vice

  • A Steve Jones master class in being honest. Lydon take note

  • Tracey Daizy 1 months ago

    I never used to like Steve Jones but this has totally changed my mind about him.I was abused as a child and I can see where he's coming from in some of this

  • Andy M 1 months ago

    You like being treated like shit huh?

  • theonlyantony 6 days ago

    Turned it off when he said 'heart chakra.' Just another priest in the confessional box. Religion lurks nearby, stirred by the talk of abuse. Soon it will be tumescent. Run, run, run!

  • Duncan Smith 1 months ago

    Think I need therapy

  • Even Paul Cook said his parents would have Steve come for his dinner and he spent a lot of time there as things weren't good at all for him at home.