How Do We Deal With A Medical Crisis?

  • Published on:  5/26/2019
  • Restless nights in the hospital, pints upon pints of blood, and a wake-up call on the importance of love, family, and nurses. Link recounts his mom's husband's (not stepdad's) near brush with death when he visited LA recently in this episode of Ear Biscuits. Warning: There will be mention of blood and certain medical procedures that may trigger the queasy.

    EB #194, Original Release Date: 5/26/2019

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    2:23 - Father-in-laws, stepdads, and secret families
    5:58 - Link’s mom and Louis come to visit
    10:35 - Christy saw the hospital trip coming
    15:50 - Good news means lunch at a Japanese Steak House
    21:04 - Link’s blossomed appreciation for nurses
    26:23 - How did Link put aside his blood-related fears?
    37:37 - Louis finally stabilizes
    41:00 - Rhett and Jessie visit the hospital but Rhett gets lost
    46:14 - Link evaluates his own level of selfishness
    57:18 - It’s finally “good, good, good”
    01:02:30 - Louis is back to his routine in North Carolina
    01:04:48 - Recs in Effect: “Science Vs” Podcast

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