Cowboys vs. Texans Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2018



  • Nathan Keelin 8 months ago

    Lmao Hopkins was mashing that B button😂

  • Ain’t never Lacking 3 months ago

    I swear ps4 players make everything into a war, like y’all graphics are shitty lmao

  • OnThe Gang 4 months ago

    @Al Phuckya it is tho

  • Sebastian Anderson 8 months ago

    I've never seen someone hit the spin move so hard back to back like that! Deandre Hopkins for play of the year so far!

  • Randomr Uploads 6 months ago

    wait, what part of the video is that?

  • I'm proud to be a NFL fan after watching this game. These two teams represented Texas very well. It was a hard hitting game and the refs weren't too bad either. This was a tough game. Watson might wanna chill on taking those hits tho.

  • Rob Host 6 days ago

    This game was a defensive master class on both sides, and the offenses played their hearts out too

  • Eternal Star 2401 8 months ago

    Still waiting for Jason Garrett to get fired

  • Jordan Welch 8 months ago

    And I’M still waiting for Bill O Brien to get fired lol

  • Brian Paramore 8 months ago

    Jerry was on 105.3 Friday saying Jason garret is the real deal and an asset that will bring us a championship, yea he actually said that, we’re screwed as an organization until the old man steps down or passes away, true facts

  • Gio Rubio 8 months ago

    Its funny how we have a top 3 recever, young star QB, and hall of famers, yet we still struggle to beat dallas #fireobrien

  • Joe Meza 12 days ago

    @amin liaee texans beat cowboys there own way by field goal, oh yeah remember the colts gave them a fat GooseEgg on their meeting so yeah stfu p.a.n..

  • Kushiwawah 24 days ago

    Gio Rubio star QB??? lol

  • Josue Tejada 8 months ago

    Deandre Hopkins is a BAD MAN!!!

  • Joseph Mountford 8 months ago

    Watson is going to have a short career playing like this.

  • Cesar Belle 3 months ago

    Don't Subscribe To This Channel bill o briens fault that he takes too many big hits? How

  • DeshaunBetter 4 months ago

    Horrible o line and don’t get me started on Bill O’BRIEN

  • koreanbarbecue 8 months ago

    No one noticed that whoever does the thumbnail used the Titans logo and not the Texans? 😂

  • 44 Clip 8 months ago

    koreanbarbecue yes

  • koreanbarbecue 8 months ago

    They've fixed it now, but couple days ago they goofed in attempt to get it out quickly

  • DgsTube46 8 months ago

    The Texans need to learn how to convert in the red zone. They missed about 5 chances for touchdowns. They should have destroyed the Cowboys by 25 points

  • eddie money 8 months ago

    I guess that top ten defense had nothing to do with that right?

  • Jabukufo 8 months ago

    @gpuppy1234 It's easier to get stops in the red zone.

  • Clash Of The Horns 8 months ago

    Give Watson an Oline and the texans are an AFC powerhouse

  • Obinna Nwakwue 5 days ago

    @Roberto Rodriguez Tytus and Max....

  • Roberto Rodriguez 1 months ago

    How do y’all feel about the Texans draft?