Cowboys vs. Texans Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2018



  • Jerry Junior
    Jerry Junior 2 days ago

    Now both of these teams are Division leaders.

  • Brady Pelletier
    Brady Pelletier 5 days ago

    Now that is shocking.

  • Rosa Uribe
    Rosa Uribe 5 days ago

    Wait there was still time left giants vs bears they made a field goal the time was still running wtf

  • Mentor Tairi
    Mentor Tairi 7 days ago

    Cannot wait until we get Tavon Austin back in the lineup. Beasley, gallup, cooper, hurns and now the up and comer noah brown. Going to be a nightmare for defenses

  • Mentor Tairi
    Mentor Tairi 7 days ago

    This is a game Dallas should have won, thanks Garrett for not having a pair. Also losing this game and others got us amari cooper so im not mad

  • Julian Pope
    Julian Pope 8 days ago

    This was the best home game from a crowd/rivalry standpoint of the season.

  • Jakob Mccarty
    Jakob Mccarty 12 days ago

    JJ got broke by Romo and dak

  • H-Town Swangin-N-Bangin Andrew

    Yeah this was the game I was yelling at Watson a lot lol he took so many hits this game. Luckily he’s still on a hot streak right now. He’s amazing

  • Naaman Castillo
    Naaman Castillo 17 days ago

    Just cant wait to play ya again we aint the same as we where on this game

  • Remy the Phoenix
    Remy the Phoenix 22 days ago+3

    That Hop play still gives me chills. Sheesh

  • Mustang 0772
    Mustang 0772 a months ago

    10:04 Dak lookin like Tony Romo

  • richfairclough123
    richfairclough123 1 months ago

    Dallas wish they had Dr Watson

  • Darth Phaser
    Darth Phaser 1 months ago

    Hey Cowboy fans.. You can chat with @DezBryant on twitter if you want to feel better.🤣 Go Texans! 6 in a row babehhh. Hou{6-3}

  • Mark Graff
    Mark Graff 1 months ago

    What a shame. Houston needed to pile on more points.

  • Fabian A
    Fabian A 1 months ago

    Good fukan game!

  • 27GAIREN27
    27GAIREN27 1 months ago+1

    the refs screwed the cowboys 8:15

  • Lord-Neptune 956
    Lord-Neptune 956 1 months ago

    Houston Texans- 2018 Texas Statebowl Champs 🔥🔥

    935,577 views 1 months ago+1

    texas showdow #texasforever

  • MrGoodDay329
    MrGoodDay329 1 months ago

    Are quarterback sucks

  • Cruz Uvalle
    Cruz Uvalle 1 months ago

    Dallas cowboys suck go Houston Texans