Protein Rich Rice cooker Vegetarian Biryani with Paneer, Soya and Niligiri Style Biryani Recipe

  • Published on:  11/11/2019
  • It is always a challenge for vegetarians to get good quality protein that is required for our bodies to function very efficiently and I'm very happy to make this very nutritious rice cooker protein rich biryani so that you get all the nutrients in this one complete
    In a mixie jar add 1/2cup of mint
    Add 4 green chillies
    Add 1/2cup of coriander leaves
    Add 2bunches of spinach
    Add 1cup of curd
    Add 4pieces of ginger
    Add 5garlic
    And grind in to fine paste
    In a rice cooker add 1cup of soya nuggets
    Add 1tsp of shahjeera
    Add 2cloves
    Add 2cardamoms
    Add 1cinnamon stick
    Add 1bay leaf
    Add 1/2cup of slice onions
    Add 2cups of rice
    Add 2cups of water & salt (required)
    mix it. And pour in to rice cooker.
    Now add 1tbs of oil
    And put on lid and cook for some time.
    Now in a bowl add spinach paste
    Add 1tsp of garam masala
    Add some salt
    Add pinch of nutmeg powder
    Add 1/2cup of paneer pieces.
    In another bowl add 11/2tbs of butter
    Add 1tbs of biryani masala
    Add 1tsp of saffron water
    And mix it.
    Now add paneer mixture
    And butter mixture and put on lid
    And cook for 10 minutes.
    In a bowl add onions
    add pinch of salt
    Add pinch of soda
    Add 1tbs of Oil
    Add 1cup of chickpea flour
    Add 1tbs of rice flour
    And 2tbs of add spinach paste
    And mix it nicely.
    And make pakoda fry in hot oil.