Seth Rogen Warns Of The Dangers Of Weed Edibles

  • Published on:  6/20/2017
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  • EaZiE01
    EaZiE01 29 days ago

    Edibles are my probably my fav high. Did them for awhile and even fine tuned recipe. There isn't a lot of consistency with them - the high can depend on many factors - digestion, time, tolerance, etc. Also, the high you get is an altered more potent form of thc 11-hydroxy-thc unfound in smoked cannabis. This form stays in the body longer and is more soluble in the brain. You may wake up the next day and think you are ok but that form of thc may still be affecting you subtly. A lot of people say they don't like edibles because they have anxiety or have had scary things happen. There are definitely awkward things that can go down. Way more preparation is needed with edibles and caution!

  • Bobby C.
    Bobby C. 1 months ago

    Make....your own. Cant trust what people give you.

  • No Excuses
    No Excuses 2 months ago+1

    That comment alone is why I'll never endorse advertise or ever ask anyone to watch this channels videos

  • Lke Lke
    Lke Lke 2 months ago

    Edibles are great if u have absolutely nothing to do

  • Buffet Prince
    Buffet Prince 3 months ago

    When my tolerance is high (like I wont feel anything even during a fatass sesh) and I don't want to take a break, I eat an edible. Just not more than 500 mgs lol

  • Max Thomas
    Max Thomas 3 months ago

    I love taking large dose edibles as they produce a stronger high, last longer and make you sleep like a baby. Edibles can be so strong that the effects can last till the next day. I remember when I was younger first dabbling edibles I had woke up the next day realizing I was still so high that there was no way I was going to school. My eyes where as red as the devils dick and I could not resist how amazing the sleep was from the edibles, so I just planned to stay home that day.

  • Rash'd Bernard Jr.
    Rash'd Bernard Jr. 3 months ago

    On edibles you are in a loop

  • Ryka El
    Ryka El 3 months ago

    So true, by time they work you took more than you should of, you be in Miami in no time... lol

  • Jrman74
    Jrman74 3 months ago

    I took a edible before my flight home from Denver Colorado.....worst decision i ever made lmao me and my wife fell asleep in the airport and almost missed our flight!! On top of that when we woke up we were still high as a kite 😂

  • ironic
    ironic 3 months ago

    Got a pack of edibles with me rn boutta fly into the sky

  • Aquatic Highs
    Aquatic Highs 3 months ago

    when I eat an edible I feel like im coming up on lsd but never actually start to trip.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez 3 months ago

    I used to do em every week at one point

  • Marguerite Smith
    Marguerite Smith 3 months ago

    started my morning off with an 800mg edible finishing it with some fat dabs of space foam and i'm in my 70s its not that crazy or maybe i'm that saturated from smoking either way don't put that weaksauce on my taco, dablife

  • Joseph Atnip
    Joseph Atnip 3 months ago+1

    I have to use the edibles if I want to get high I'm allergic to smoke and I have asthma

  • Seeds Weeds
    Seeds Weeds 3 months ago

    She need a face mask with that bumb on her head

  • Tim Farrier
    Tim Farrier 3 months ago

    Edibles are dope. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Devote enough time for them and it will be a fantastic experience. Wayyyyy better and safer than alcohol

  • Milquetoast Eugenicist
    Milquetoast Eugenicist 3 months ago+1

    Psilocybin Mushrooms are not "poison."

  • Cured The Addiction
    Cured The Addiction 4 months ago

    tiger woods needs weed smh. or cbd

  • Vito Farella
    Vito Farella 4 months ago

    Oh my god did she just say shrooms are poisonous what a fucking idiot psilocybin is one of the safest and lowest toxicity drugs you can put in your body lol

  • EliminatedByeLOL
    EliminatedByeLOL 4 months ago

    Horror is fake drama is real