Modoc Plateau Vegetation Mapping, 10/2/2020. Sensitive Natural Communities.

  • Published on:  1/27/2021
  • This video powerpoint provides an overview of Sensitive Natural Communities with examples from the Modoc Plateau region in northeastern California, based on a recently-completed fine-scale vegetation mapping project. Click on the timestamps below to skip to that section:
    00:00 – (Slide 1) Introduction and acknowledgments
    00:46 – (Slide 2) Purpose of presentation
    01:12 – (Slide 3) How natural communities are ranked – Natureserve methodology
    05:59 – (Slide 8) Examples of sensitive natural communities from the Modoc Plateau area
    08:38 – (Slide 14) Laws, regulations and programs addressing sensitive natural communities
    09:36 – (Slide 15) Where to find information
    10:53 – (Slide 16) Extent of classification and mapping in California and wrap-up

    Useful links:
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    CNPS Manual of California Vegetation Online
    NatureServe Conservation Rank Calculator
    BIOS – downloadable and viewable data including vegetation maps