NBA teams should tank for Zion Williamson - Stephen A. Smith | First Take



  • Dignify TW 5 months ago

    How dare you don't include my Hawks as one of the 4 worst teams.

  • The Knicks deserve him more they are number 1

  • Marcelo Alejandro 4 months ago

    Only we are allowed to say we suck. Go hawks.

  • Mi D 5 months ago

    His vertical is gettin higher and higher each time stephen a mentions it lmao 😂

  • Serio Mesmo 4 months ago

    @Notorious1503 he is charles barkley with a 40 inch vertical

  • Notorious1503 4 months ago

    But is he steph curry with a 40 inch vertical?

  • West Side 5 months ago

    zion to the bulls please! !!!!

  • eco_Azpect Yt 1 months ago

    Or the knicks

  • Young Buckets 4 months ago

    Bulls are in the east

  • wasting time 5 months ago

    Thank you Molly for not speaking

  • Mexico City 4 months ago

    @Erik Lerström I really hope you're not from Scandinavia 😂😂.

  • Lucifer Morningstar 4 months ago

    LMFAO You hate her that much huh

  • nyc now 5 months ago

    Yo that last Max talk had me dying 😂

  • Jonathan Encarnacion 3 months ago

    You’re doing it by accident anyway did it for me 😂

  • Calvin Lui 4 months ago


  • MrGenexxx 5 months ago

    Says the guy who absolutely hated 'The Process'...

  • Gregory Hayes 5 days ago

    @The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean because fans don't want to see a team tank. they would rather a gm do his job and acquire players.

  • @Noel Forde Not really.

  • Andrew Ke 5 months ago

    Devin Booker, DeAndre Ayton, and ZION? That trio is scary

  • Nova Clark 25 days ago

    He going to the pelicans

  • Grace Baptist church 4 months ago

    They would be 10th in the West lmao

  • soy cubano 5 months ago


  • Logan Diomandes 3 months ago

    They’re tanking Bc of the warriors though

  • Daniel 4 months ago

    Tanking is awesome tho. Watching two teams trying to lose against one another while players going rogue trying to keep their jobs is quite entertaining.

  • Saul Rodriguez 5 months ago

    Zion actually reminds me of Larry Johnson.

  • Same here...A more freakish Larry Johnson.

  • newthrash1221 5 months ago

    It would be a shame if zion lands in phoenix or cleveland with the complete pile of garbage that is their ownership. He deserves better.

  • Nova Clark 25 days ago

    Or the lakers

  • mcmg Jahfari 3 months ago

    @Richard Cherry I'm dead