15 Things In Disney Movies That Never Made Sense Before This

  • Published on:  4/22/2021
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    It’s been a well known fact for generations now that Disney has some of the best animation in the world, and their movies become timeless classics for good reason! But even after our first, second, and one hundredth rewatch, we are always amazed at how they never cease to surprise us. While Disney easter eggs have been a popular topic amongst fans forever, there are actually way more hidden messages in Disney movies than we ever realized. Sometimes they are funny subtle jokes, like the way Hei Hei in Moana starts out trying to eat a rock, before winding up trying to eat The Rock, or how Hercules hits his head on a log that turns out to be way more important than any of us realized. Or they are super subtle messages hidden within the animation that tell us so much about a character, like the way Scar’s claws are always out in The Lion King, or the terrifying shadows that Dr Facilier casts in The Princess and The Frog. Sometimes they’ll sneak in hilarious details like a post-credits warning about Kristoff from Frozen, or a reference to two of the first ever Disney animators in The Incredibles. There are hidden clues that tie together Aladdin and Mulan, throwaway lines at the beginning of movies that come full circle later, and an amazing detail about The Little Mermaid that totally blew us out of the water. And that’s not even all! Today we’re unpacking some of the most amazing hidden messages in all of Disney.

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    Written by: Emelia Hellman
    Narrated by: Mia Jabara
    Edited by: Eduardo Garcia

    00:00 Intro
    00:34 Hei Hei and The Rock
    01:10 Ariel’s Dark Hair
    01:45 Mulan’s Explosives
    02:21 Mother Gothel Hair Kiss
    02:50 Genie and Robin Williams
    03:19 Kristoff’s Belief
    03:46 Royal Lantern
    04:09 Punctual
    04:36 Maui’s Hook
    05:06 Scar’s Claws
    05:37 Ego’s Weight
    06:14 Incredible Cameos
    06:46 Ominous Shadows
    07:16 Hercules Head Bonk
    07:44 One Thousand and One
    08:09 Outro

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