Cardi B Wins Favorite Artist for Rap/Hip-Hop - AMAs 2018

  • Published on:  10/9/2018
  • Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line present an award to Cardi B at the 2018 American Music Awards.Follow us:Official Website https://www.theamas.comAMAs YouTube Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:


  • Wendell Williams
    Wendell Williams 10 months ago+2666

    Offset looks so proud of his wife even quavo looks proud

  • Black Pam Anderson
    Black Pam Anderson 10 months ago+1709

    I love that she's always her at all time

  • JEM
    JEM 10 months ago+1201

    LOL, the "thank you jEeEeeeeesus"

  • TheXtrovert
    TheXtrovert 10 months ago+1576

    Dont let the small percentage of tuff exterior fool you this girl is very humble she is going to get very far she is very relatable!

  • Beefy Reefy
    Beefy Reefy 10 months ago+1755

    Thank you jEEEeeEeEsus

  • Jocelyn Jessica
    Jocelyn Jessica 10 months ago+814

    Hey husband ummhumm😂💖 lol I love her

  • T'challa
    T'challa 10 months ago+327

    She has her immature ways at times but how could you not love this woman..the world hasn't seen the best of Cardi, the best is yet to come.. congratulations!!!

  • TinyTica13
    TinyTica13 10 months ago+418

    When I was pregnant all i wanted to do was eat, cry, and rub my belly go Cardi! Well deserved!

  • ImmAscend
    ImmAscend 10 months ago+48

    Nicki Minaj punching the air right now

  • Kakus Subrado
    Kakus Subrado 10 months ago+224

    Congratzzzz cardiii - from a NickiFan Barbz 💖 Bardi

  • Ebony Cashaw
    Ebony Cashaw 10 months ago+113

    nicki has left the chat 😂 🤣

  • Lion of Judah
    Lion of Judah 10 months ago+207

    🖤 Cardi ... u r the ultimate proof that u can be anything u want if u work hard

  • Thamir Khallow
    Thamir Khallow 10 months ago+134

    I was waiting something like okrrrrt or Oewwww

  • Nicole MA
    Nicole MA 10 months ago+17

    Damnnn I know Nicki mad after dropping Queen😂😂

  • Nick Ozo
    Nick Ozo 10 months ago+89

    Bebe rexha looks good girls meant to be baby

  • Christopher Bautista
    Christopher Bautista 10 months ago+136

    She could literally stab her haters with that award!

  • Emina Hist
    Emina Hist 10 months ago+13

    she is unique and very original!!!!!!!
    and i just love the latin american vibe of her,-bring it at times like this
    (racism, trump'n' co) on the map of usa.
    congratulations cardi!!!!!!!!!!!
    support from vienna!!!!!!

  • Ice Bird
    Ice Bird 10 months ago+103

    I was just listening to “Get Up 10” today after an extremely rough few days of harsh criticism and a feeling of failure/stress/ disappointment. I’ve had that song in my library for a while but haven’t listened to it in a few months, but today I just felt like I needed it, I needed some meaningful music to relieve my mind! I don’t usually cry when listening to songs (only if they really sound sad,) but when I listened to Get Up 10 I began crying! Not because the music sounded sad, but because the lyrics really hit me hard. It was such an automatic reaction... I really began crying... but in a good way! It was like Cardi was giving me a confidence booster and a badass pep talk through her music and experience. Her words just really helped me and it made me realize that I just have to look at myself and say “it’s okay, get back up and try can do it.” Coincidentally it was the same day as the AMAs and later that night I heard she had won! I’m so happy for her. I usually don’t type comments this long but she really, really helped me today, unlike anything I’ve ever really experienced before. Thank you Cardi, keep being awesome! You helped me regain my confidence and made me feel grounded again. “Look myself in the mirror say ‘we gon’ win!’ ” (And she has! ❤️)

  • Kadz
    Kadz 10 months ago+11

    Too much Cardi B on trending

  • Apply MajorPressure
    Apply MajorPressure 10 months ago+11

    Awwww😍😍😍 #bardigang when haters said her career was over the best hip hop artist voted by AMERICA.