Cardi B Wins Favorite Artist for Rap/Hip-Hop - AMAs 2018

  • Published on:  10/9/2018
  • Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line present an award to Cardi B at the 2018 American Music Awards.Follow us:Official Website https://www.theamas.comAMAs YouTube Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:


  • Wendell Williams 8 months ago

    Offset looks so proud of his wife even quavo looks proud

  • carlituz 5 months ago

    They're not in relationship anymore :'(

  • carlituz 5 months ago

    Now is not anymore🙄🤣

  • Black Pam Anderson 8 months ago

    I love that she's always her at all time

  • UNKNOWN GIRL 8 months ago

    Lol I bet she was telling at her makeup artist

  • Basketball God 8 months ago

    @Jain Manari and nicki does???? Nicki is a fraud sarafree already exposed her

  • Beefy Reefy 8 months ago

    *Thank you jEEEeeEeEsus*

  • Tammie Smith 8 months ago


  • Queen B 8 months ago

    Crystal Morrison OK sis this is your beliefs and we respect it, why don't you respect ours? You can say whatever you think without imposing it or insulting others. Have a good day😁

  • JEM 8 months ago

    LOL, the "thank you jEeEeeeeesus"

  • Aaron Valencia 8 months ago


  • Noah Ahmed Cavazade 8 months ago

    @JHChannel she is mocking God cuz she is Satanist.

  • TheXtrovert 8 months ago

    Dont let the small percentage of tuff exterior fool you this girl is very humble she is going to get very far she is very relatable!

  • Devon Williams 8 months ago

    But dont let that distract you from the fact that Nicki put a lump on that niggas forehead

  • Jocelyn Jessica 8 months ago

    Hey husband ummhumm😂💖 lol I love her

  • Helga Koshy 8 months ago


  • T'challa 8 months ago

    She has her immature ways at times but how could you not love this woman..the world hasn't seen the best of Cardi, the best is yet to come.. congratulations!!!

  • S al 8 months ago

    She treats her security, makeup artists and other who come to work for her really bad

  • khalid omar 8 months ago

    i just love her personality 😂😂😂😂 never fails me to laugh so much everytime

  • Luseros Vlog 8 months ago

    khalid omar has the una hamburguesa. Dsfzzz

  • TinyTica13 8 months ago

    When I was pregnant all i wanted to do was eat, cry, and rub my belly go Cardi! Well deserved!

  • Rosalia Lekganyane 4 months ago

    That's all I wanna do right just sleep, rub my belly and eat but I gotta go to work 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • TinyTica13 7 months ago

    @Mario Dávila i know that. I DID

  • Kakus Subrado 8 months ago

    Congratzzzz cardiii - from a NickiFan Barbz 💖 BardiYALL THANKS FOR THE 188 LIKES 💖

  • Kakus Subrado 8 months ago

    @Troy Bradley never mind him. 💕

  • Troy Bradley 8 months ago

    King 181 people aren’t always what they seem🤷🏽‍♂️