Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta Hawks Full Game Highlights / Week 9 / Dec 12

  • Published on:  12/12/2017
  • Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta Hawks Full Game Highlights / Week 9 / Dec 12

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  • Kaan Göktaş
    Kaan Göktaş 7 months ago

    Whats the intro music i need a name pls

  • swagger99
    swagger99 8 months ago


  • Stang Gt
    Stang Gt 9 months ago

    8:43 LB dunk!!! Damn! I just watched the whole thing just to see it !

  • CRYSTAL Production
    CRYSTAL Production 9 months ago

    cleveland winneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

  • Mikko Kevin
    Mikko Kevin 9 months ago

    up 24 in the 4th, all starters on the bench except LeBitch, if that is not stat padding then i dunno what is... the loser has no class whatsoever... MJ 6-0 GOAT

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  • Justsoyallknow
    Justsoyallknow 9 months ago

    G! Shooting a 3 pointer is like a layup nowadays.

  • Rho Mar
    Rho Mar 9 months ago

    Yabang mo talaga lonzo bulls may nalalaman ka pang fuck broom broom dati nong free season pa hindi mo rin pala kaya si james..hindi mo rin pala kaya buhatin ang team mo..

  • King Kenno
    King Kenno 9 months ago

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  • So l
    So l 9 months ago


  • Mouhamed 99
    Mouhamed 99 9 months ago

    Bazemore has to play more physical to lead ATL

  • Tru Story
    Tru Story 9 months ago

    Fuck LeBron

  • Tomm Assini
    Tomm Assini 9 months ago

    Why not play Isaiah Thomas!?

  • MARK Pittman
    MARK Pittman 9 months ago

    Why the commentators get excited and hyped af only when Cleveland scores lol

  • The Ace
    The Ace 9 months ago

    Did lebron travel 7:49 ? please tell me this is a travel

  • Kamil Bryś
    Kamil Bryś 9 months ago

    Cavs on 1st quarter hitting 9 threes nice

  • krabby daddies
    krabby daddies 9 months ago


  • Ghecu C.
    Ghecu C. 9 months ago

    Commentator annoys me the game is unwatchable :(

  • Jerome Sablay
    Jerome Sablay 9 months ago

    21 trees cleveland wow

  • jocyn abece
    jocyn abece 9 months ago

    Nice work team